From 2011-2018 I gained experience in art buying, event and project management in various agencies. Before that, during my apprentice training and studies of social and business communication at the University of Arts in Berlin, I already gathered an extensive network and numerous contacts in the creative and marketing industry. Since then, location scouting, customer consulting and the development of individual event concepts became just as much a part of my professional strengths as the continuous expansion of my network of service providers and freelancers from the event industry. This puts me in a position where I am able to choose and coordinate the appropriate project partners for a wide variety of events. With YouYou&me I fulfill my dream to work independently on a wide range of projects with a number of diverse people and service providers I trust.

If you have more questions and would like to meet in person, let's have a coffee – with milk, without sugar. Here is a little "good to know" about me:

Year of: 1984 (if you name a book after that, it must be good) ⠀
Home: Berlin (born & raised) ⠀
Family: Modern Family (Christmas = family hopping) ⠀
Professional passion: location scouting & networking (meet & discover) ⠀
Private passion: glitter (everything is more beautiful when it shimmers) ⠀
Secret passion: my cat (crazy cat lady)